Sua | Korea Makemodel | Natural Perky Breasts

Korea’s MakeModel is taking a different approach to most if not all Nude Models Magazines nowadays. Modelling has always been about nudity. It not only shows the reality behind the human body, but it also lets us explore the differences to expect depending of the body structure of model around the world. Of course, Pornography is out of the question. Although I enjoy seeing it, deep down I believe Pornography is just perversion and demeans the actors, while nude photography boasts the models self-steem by allowing them to show what they are composed of, instead of just moaning while getting plowed by a complete stranger.
I really hope MakeModel Magazine keeps doing this kind of photo-shoots, and expands their models catalog based on the same mentality, and not to end up like all other mags: doing soft porn…Also, if they could lower it to see throughs and peaking like Chinese magazines, while also integrating poses from Japanese girls, that would be fantastic. Asia really needs to expand their catalog.

Sua | Korea Makemodel | Natural Perky Breasts


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