Molly vs Zhang Xin Amy | MicroBikini & Topless | Chinese New Year

Zhang Xin Amy
Alias:Mary Molly
Birthday:May 23
Zodiac sign:Gemini
Blood group:A
Measurements:B88 W64 H89
Born:Chaoyang District, Beijing, China
Occupation:Director, model
Interests:Music, travel, photography

Molly 何曼丽, Beijing girl, graduated from the Beijing Institute of economic management and is an enthusiast for photography and television, which is why she has participated in some shows on National TV.

Birthday:August 21
Zodiac sign:Leo
Weight:46 KG
Measurements:B87 W60 H90
Born:Chaoyang District, Beijing, China
Occupation:Model, Actress


Zhang Xin 张鑫Amy, Gu Di International Limited China Model, part of stizolobium models limited, had participated in the recording of the beautiful pretty woman, filmed of the Zeng Guofan’s 7th slimming soup ‘, the Crystal love wedding shoot, fun magazine, the Taobao Pajamas shooting cats love-Swiss sheep, as well as the days of shooting, and many more. This is a busy girl…

Molly 何曼丽 vs Zhang Xin 张鑫Amy | MicroBikini Chinese New Year

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