Huang Jiali Yuli黄佳丽 | Naked Chinese Blondie Uncensored | MFStar

Zodiac sign:Cancer
Born:Huangpu district, Shanghai, China

Huang Jiali Yuli黄佳丽| Naked Chinese Blondie Uncensored | MFStar

Here is another New Girl in the Chinese Gravure Scene, which by the way has been getting from 5 to 40 new girls lined up every single week. Of course, as Huang Jiali, or Yuli黄佳丽, these girls have several types of “moral” or ‘neccessity’ levels, and so many of them will not be doing more than bikini shots while others will definitely get naked after the third picture was taken, with little to no command. Annnd what do we do in such cases? Absolutely everything! But everything to enjoy what we are seeing because, I am not sure if you noticed, but just like the Japanese girls, most of these Chinese Gravure Girls tend to be disposed of after the naked gallery comes out, and I mean almost all of them. Just look that in the last 8 month, none of the popular girls who actually made the Gravure Scene from China be worthy are not even mentioned anymore, not even on their Weibos. Fking sad if you ask me.

Anyway, enough of this shit. Enjoy this beauty called Huang Jiali Yuli after the break!


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