Hwang Barbie 황바비 | The Perfect Surgery Body Model 3 comments

Do not get me wrong, I couldn’t care less about made up girls. However, I do care that those girls who get their bodies through surgery should do nudes or go fuck themselves. I mean, it’s not your real body but instead something fake below the skin that required no effort from you. Show us the result in nude. You are fooling anyone.

Hwang Barbie 황바비 | Perfectly made. Thank you, Surgeon


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3 thoughts on “Hwang Barbie 황바비 | The Perfect Surgery Body Model

  • Colin

    Man Made Her.. Sadly she also got ugly tattoo’s to ruin all that nice skin?
    If model wishes to show what a amazing body she got..
    Why then ruin her lovely skin with Tattoo’s?
    Really defeats the point of trying to have the best body and perfect skin look!