ELLY YiYang易阳 Goes Naked on Video for WangTao 王涛

ELLY YiYang易阳 is one of TuiGirl’s most desired girl to have gone seminude since she left EVERYONE with anxiety over how she would look completely naked. What makes her so great is not only her big tits and voluptuous, juicy, thick Chinese body, but that all of it is fucking natural. We want this girl to go full naked without covering, but for now I think this is the most we will see… Anyway, I have to thank WangTao 王涛 Studio for coming so close to releasing her naked to us. We have to be faithful and keep waiting.

The password for the video is gravuregirlz.com

Here is another video which came out months ago where ELLY Yiyang shows a little more, but she doesn’t go full naked like K8Vivian or Candice have. Thanks to user John for pointing it out!


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