XIUREN秀人网 NO.1408 宋-KiKi | Softly DeCensored

When it comes to Kiki Song, I lose my mind. I know her boobs are boosted and she is NOT as busty and we see her in most pictures but she does have an amazing body and her makeup gives a Caribbean-style Asian babe look that is not easy to replicate. This is one of the few girls on which I spend as much time as possible trying to remove those flares or censoring stars and I hope you enjoy the show.

5 thoughts on “XIUREN秀人网 NO.1408 宋-KiKi | Softly DeCensored

  1. chrome does not allow the pop up in this site. Also automatically blocked the ads. So you might want to reconfigure those things.

    1. meh. I have tried everything. If people want to help the site they will disable the ads or donate. I am done asking for help.

  2. Really learnt a lot about the industry from your posts.

    one more thing to ask:
    How can we Distinguish boosted boobs from photos?

    1. by looking at the pictures in poses that are difficult to boost with photoshop. Also, if you have followed the model for a while it is easy to see. Moreover, these people are so stupid that they boost these models tits even more than they normally do and make them look so fake that it is not even funny.

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