MyGirl美媛馆 VOL.333 李可可 Likeke | Taped Nipples

李可可 Likeke always, ALWAYS, has my commentary. Why? isn’t it obvious that this is the best model these estrogen-filled, hormone-lacking mofos at xiuren have got. She is a natural in all senses. She is captivating in her own ways and she is not trying to impress anyone. The naive look on her face makes it even better. Now, there is a downside to this set and you might have guessed or perceived it. She looks a lot like SOLO-尹菲 and it was intentional. The haicut, makeup, outfit, style, and setting is looking to mimic SOLO-尹菲 and that is pathetic. They are two awesome models on their own manners and conflating them is just retard

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