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Best Gravure Girls From Asia. Download complete albums from Scute, DGC, G-Area, MinisukaTV, Visual Web, Young Magazine, Weekly Playboy (WPB), BombTV, and other Japanese photobooks. Enjoy the featured models from Japan, Race queens from Korea and other cute models from China, Taiwan, and Indonesia.

Types of J-Idols

The idol phenomenon began during the early 1970s, reflecting a boom in Japan for the musician Sylvie Vartan in the French film Cherchez l'idole in 1963, with Japanese title (アイドルを探せ Aidoru wo sagase?) in November 1964. The term came to be applied to any cute female actress or singer, or any cute male singer. Teenage girls, mostly between 14 and 16, and teenage males, mostly between 15 and 18, began rising to stardom. One in particular, Momoe Yamaguchi, was a huge star until her marriage and retirement in 1980. Idols dominated the pop music scene in the 1980s, and this period is known as the "Golden Age of Idols in Japan".[1] In a single year, as many as 40 or 50 new idols could appear, only to disappear from the public spotlight shortly afterwards. A few idols from that era, such as Seiko Matsuda, are still popular. In the 1990s, the power of female Japanese idols began to wane, as the music industry shifted towards rock musicians and singers for whom music was a more important sales point than looks or wholesomeness, as well as towards genres such as rap that were harder to square with conventional prettiness. At the same time, the power of male Japanese idols, such as SMAP, Kinki Kids, Tokio, and V6, grew. The Japanese idol phenomenon has had a large impact on popular culture especially in Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan and other Asian and non-Asian Countries.
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Mikie Hara 原 幹恵 & Anzai Rara 安齋らら Topless Nude | Weekly Playboy 2014 No. 3-4

Mikie Hara 原 幹恵 & Anzai Rara 安齋らら Topless Nude | Weekly Playboy 2014 No. 3-4 Updated

The Mega Busty Girls Mikie Hara 原 幹恵 & Anzai Rara 安齋らら appeared in this week’s edition of Weekly Playboy 2014. Both girls are topless, or half naked with handbras, although Rara Anzai goes all in and takes some totally topless

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