XIUREN套图 No.1523 Manuela玛鲁娜 | Undressed Hair-Bra

Manuela玛鲁娜 is cute. Stupid but cute. She’s got a great body, a beautiful face, natural curly hair (since she is not Chinese) and she really knows how to pose properly. However, I find it distasteful to fuck up your bodies with tattoos and no, it has nothing to do with taboo. The body is so perfectly done. All that ink just look like you are a drug-addicted bum who lacked parental advise throughout your life. Again, she is hot, but her tattoos are idiotic.







MFStar模范学院 VOL.168 Manuela玛鲁娜 | Latina Bitch Schoolgirl Whore Boosted

Manuela玛鲁娜 is a not Chinese. Duh! She is just a phat girl looking for money and since she is phat and very likely an easy pussy, well, she got the tips. Why do I post her? Many in here believe she is Chinese… To me she is either from Latinamerica or Spain, or she is so fake that she lost her essence… Also, she is definitively super boosted in this set.

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Manuela Maluna (玛鲁娜) | Phat Ass Chinese Babe Lingerie


汤曼玲(玛鲁娜 , Manuela)

Birthday:September 29
Zodiac sign:Libra
Born:From Sichuan, China
Occupation:Models, Marketing Manager

Manuela Maluna (玛鲁娜) | Phat Ass Chinese Babe Lingerie

Maluna Manuela (Tang Manling), is a model from mainland China, from Sichuan, who has Uighur descent and many have confused as a Latina trying to make it in the Chinese business, as many other have as well. Although her passion is modeling, she is a prominent marketting manager in China. All of her almost-naked pictures you see of her come from her desire to do it, and not for the need of money (allegedly.)