Chisato Shoda 翔田千里 | Asian Matured Elegant Lady

So you like mature ladies who happen to have lots of cellulite and fat surrounding their stomach for their lack of exercise? Well, if that’s the case then, Chisato Shoda might be what you were looking for all these years. I gotta be honest, she looks way, WAY sexier posing sexy with clothes that when she does wearing bikini. I would fck her brains out though.And btw, this is what natural women look like.


翔田千里 (しょうだちさと / Shoda Chisato)

生年月日1968年04月 11日 (現在 46歳)おひつじ座
サイズT163 / B86 (Dカップ) / W63 / H90 / S
所属事務所Earth Promotion(Lotus Group)
AV出演期間2005年 –
デビュー作品団地妻 夫には許されない留守宅の猥褻不倫 (2005年11月 30日)
タグ熟女 , 名女優 , 垂れ乳

Kiritani Matsuri 桐谷まつり V4 | Camping and Bedding

Kiritani Matsuri 桐谷まつり is a great Japanese beauty with an inmensily phat ass. If she got a boob lift, her body would be the same as 尤妮丝Egg

Kiritani Matsuri | 桐谷まつり
Kiritani Matsuri | 桐谷まつり
Kiritani Matsuri | 桐谷まつり
Kiritani Matsuri | 桐谷まつり

Egg-尤妮丝 #116 | Super Phat Ass Tigress | YOUMI尤蜜荟

One of the most well received beauties in these days is Egg-尤妮丝, and the reason is obvious. She’s got a nice huge ass, big tits and she is a bitch when doing photography. All the things we love.

Egg-尤妮丝 #116 | Super Phat Ass Tigress | YOUMI尤蜜荟


MiiTao蜜桃社 VOL.030 伊琳 Yilin | Super Phat Ass Princess

MiiTao蜜桃社 VOL.030 伊琳 Yilin | Super Cute Thick Chinese Girl

Born: Beijing, China
Occupation: plane models

WOW! Finally Miitao is bringing beautiful girls with extreme phat bodies. I love this kind of naturally phat Chinese girls and I want to see more. fap fap fap!

MiiTao蜜桃社 VOL.030 伊琳 Yilin
MiiTao蜜桃社 VOL.030 伊琳 Yilin 01
MiiTao蜜桃社 VOL.030 伊琳 Yilin 02
MiiTao蜜桃社 VOL.030 伊琳 Yilin 03
MiiTao蜜桃社 VOL.030 伊琳 Yilin 04