FoxYini孟狐狸 | Fishnet Special | MiStar VOL.059


孟狐狸_孟旖旎Meng Huli 孟狐狸 (FoxYini)

Age:22 (dog)
Birthday:The year 1994-02-17
Zodiac sign:Aquarius
Blood group:AB
Weight:58 KG
Measurements:B90(E) W70 H98
Born:Shenyang, Liaoning, China
Interests:Traveling, singing, dancing, writing

FoxYini孟狐狸 | Fishnet Special | MiStar VOL.059

Meng Huli FoxYini (beautiful), from mainland China, Gravure Model with Big Boobs, graduated from the Music Department of Beijing University. She has a hybrid Russia and Mongolian descent, hence her very deep looks and mysteriousness of her eyes.

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