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哈妮HaaNiHaaNi (哈妮, Hani)
Age:19 (rat)
Birthday:The year 1996-05-18
Zodiac sign:Taurus
Born:Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China
Occupation:Models, Coser
Interests:Animation, comics

【TASTE頑味生活系列】2016.02.16 VOL.006 哈妮HaaNi

Fuck yeah! I am digging all these new girls which XiuRen is being well paid for to keep the Chinese citizenry occupied with sexy girls and outside the political scope – and it is working.

How couldn’t it be working when we get to enjoy girls as beautiful as Haa Ni, easily one of the sexiest, hottests, most professional and plain simply cuttest babes from China that I have seen this year. I mean it! This girl is fucking hot, excuse my Japanese. Are you even reading, cause, you shouldn’t… Go see that hottie, man.

HaaNi Taste 01

HaaNi Taste 02

HaaNi Taste 03

HaaNi Taste 04

HaaNi Taste 05

HaaNi Taste 06

HaaNi Taste 07

HaaNi Taste 08

HaaNi Taste 09

HaaNi Taste 10

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