Ellie艾栗栗 | Nude Chinese Teen Uncensored |TuiGirl White Day

Ellie艾栗栗 (Ai Lili) | Super Phat Pussycat Uncensored |TuiGirl推女郎系列】2016.02.29 No.069

Birthday:September 08
Zodiac sign:Scorpio
Measurements:B83 W60 H86
Born:Dongcheng district, Beijing, China
Occupation:Student, model

Ellie艾栗栗 is a prominent naked model who has been dreaming to put her pussycat where her mouth has probably already been… ok I am not good with puns and frankly, who the fk cares. Have you seen these naked pictures of Chinese Gravure NewGirl Ai Li Li / Ellie艾栗栗? She looks fantastic. Sadly though, like almost all Tuigirls, this might be the one and only naked photo gallery we get to see from her, unless she does some work with DDY Pantyhose or if she catches UGirls team on a horny day (something quiet unusual lately…).

In any case, let’s just relax, sip some beer and get delighted by this girl who at first might seem like a novice but who have a very good game on her hands. Enjoy Ellie艾栗栗 Naked Tuigirl Uncensored Pictures after the break.

Ellie Tuigirl Gravure 1

Ellie Tuigirl Gravure 2

Ellie Tuigirl Gravure 3

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Ellie Tuigirl Gravure 6

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