Lisa BabyNever (桓淼淼 ,桓彩云)

Age: 22
Birthday: May 17
Zodiac sign: Taurus
Blood group: O
Height: 178
Weight: 50 KG
Measurements: B90(F) W61 H89
Born: Shanghai, China
Occupation: Model

Huang Miao miao (hwan Choi, Huan-ling, Lisa), graduated from Shanghai Maritime University, and is a model and actress in mainland China, Champion of the 2013 the stature of China, also known as the new generation of fashion advertising days. Huang Miao miao with her extremely sexy body and beautiful face, participated in large-scale theatrical media performances and entertainment activities, as well as show performances like Miss Asia Pageant where she got the Prize for the best quality, but also by countless friends fans attention. 

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