XiuRen秀人网套图 NO.3175 陈芝芝Booty | For The Ages

陈芝芝 Chen zhizhi (Booty) might be one of the most professinal ass-posers you know in the XiuRen series. But I can tell you that in the past year she has changed the way she poses entirely and now looks way more mature and natural than before. Sure, she is not as young as years ago when she started, but she still has a lot to offer. Her complete nudes will probably never make it out, even though they exist, and that is a hope killer imho. Also, we know her tits are saggy as fuck, and she is not very gifted in the chest area… why do they keep adding these fake layers of her tits on some pictures in most sets? We have said before, and I am sure everyone agrees, that we LOOOOVE these girls as they come naturally.

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