Age: 25
Birthday: May 15
Zodiac sign: Taurus
Born: Shanghai, China
Occupation: Models, anchor
Interests: Online Shopping, Gourmet

Here is 玉兔miki, another sexy young Chinese girl introduced to the world of gravure and certainly doing as much as she can when exposed to the flashes and cameras. Not only does she have an amazing body, but she is also cutely flirtatious if you follow my meaning.

I will leave her pictures talk about herself after the break…

Yutu Miki 玉兔| Erect Babydoll Collection | TGOD Uncensored

Miki Yutu 玉兔 01.jpg

Miki Yutu 玉兔 02.jpg

Miki Yutu 玉兔 03.jpg

Miki Yutu 玉兔 04.jpg

Miki Yutu 玉兔 05.jpg

Miki Yutu 玉兔 06.jpg

Miki Yutu 玉兔 07.jpg

Miki Yutu 玉兔 08.jpg

Miki Yutu 玉兔 09.jpg

Miki Yutu 玉兔 10.jpg